What is Tadaga 20 mg Tablets Drug?

The generic name of Tadaga 20 mg is Cialis Tablets. Tadalafil the most active ingredient present in it. Tadaga 20 mg Tablets Australia is prescribed to those men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) problems and other related sexual problems. The medicine helps in improving potency and performance in men. In the absence of sexual stimulation it has no effect. It is a fast acting medicine starts showing results in 15 minutes. A perfect cure to sustain sexual barriers and get a strong erection

Mechanism of Action

Tadaga 20 mg Tablets USA contains chemical Tadalafil which is reversible inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5. It helps in releasing more of cGMP in the penis through enabling Corpus Cavernous. This relaxes the muscles and improves the blood circulation into men reproduction organ which causes erection. The effect of the tablet may last up to 36 hours. You can check for the Tadaga 20 mg Tablets price online.
List of possible side effects

Following are the few possible Tadaga 20 mg Tablets side effects you can get:

• Flushing
• Muscles ache
• Vision disturbances
• Vision loss
• Runny nose
• Congestion
• Flu
• Headache
• Prolonged erection
• Priapism
• Abnormal ejections

When should you not use the drug?

Men with prolonged diseases like angina, heart diseases, blood disorders, diabetes, vascular hypotension, kidney diseases, liver problems, glaucoma, etc. should avoid taking the medication.

How long should you consume the drug?

As long as prescribed by your doctor. In case of overdose, always consult a doctor for assistance. Store it at room temperatures not over 300 C far from light and dampness. Repel it from the scope of children and pets. Take it orally no less than 16 minutes before a sexual demonstration. The prescribed dosage is 20 mg once every day. Counsel your specialist for the correct dosage. Try not to take in excess of one pill daily. For more information, you can check Tadaga 20 mg Tablets reviews online.

Precautions about Tadaga 20 mg Tablets

While taking Tadaga 20 mg Tablets these are the precautions you should consider. It should only be consumed if prescribed by your doctor. The Tadaga 20 mg is not preferred to take with the combination of other medicines which consist of chemicals like nitrate. Try to avoid heavy meals and stay away from alcohol and smoking which many reduces the effect of Tadaga 20 mg to absorb in the body.