• Erlocip 150 mg

    Erlocip 150: A potent anti-cancer medication

    A dramatic increase in cancer has been observed by several studies published by reputed health care organizations around the globe. Although advances in medical science have seen many breakthroughs in treating cancer, the rate at which Lung and Pancreatic cancers have increased in the past decade is quite alarming. Moreover, there have been virtually numerous …

  • soranib 200 mg

    Taking Soranib (Sorafenib) to treat primary kidney cancer and advanced primary liver cancer

    A gut-wrenching agony is experienced when you are diagnosed with cancer or if you are currently undergoing treatment for the same. Both physical and emotional changes are likely to occur, affecting how you feel and how you live. Although these changes may have an impact on daily life, there are methods to manage and cope …

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