• Kamagra100mg

    Is Kamagra 100mg an effective way to combat erectile dysfunction?

    Erectile dysfunction affects 15 million to 30 million men worldwide. However, it should never be a source of embarrassment. But what is erectile dysfunction, and how can it be treated? What are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs to deal with this condition? What is Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of …

  • erectile dysfunction thumbnail 3

    Tadalafil: An essential medication to treat Erectile Dysfunction and other ailments

    It is true that men may be afflicted by a variety of moderate to severe disorders at various ages, but none of his existence will desire any aspect of any sickness associated with sexual weakness, particularly Erectile Dysfunction. Surprisingly, multiple studies have found that a significant number of guys between the ages of 20 and …

  • premature ejaculation thumbnail

    Taking control of your sexual life with Dapoxetine

    Premature ejaculation is highly unpleasant and unsettling when you come in too soon, even before your intimate adventures begin to spice up! This condition is caused in men between the age group of 18-65, and for some guys, it may be transient and resolves on its own; for others, prescription medications such as Dapoxetine tablets …

  • Erlocip 150 mg

    Erlocip 150: A potent anti-cancer medication

    A dramatic increase in cancer has been observed by several studies published by reputed health care organizations around the globe. Although advances in medical science have seen many breakthroughs in treating cancer, the rate at which Lung and Pancreatic cancers have increased in the past decade is quite alarming. Moreover, there have been virtually numerous …

  • acamprol tablet

    Acamprol (Acamprosate): An effective medication for alcohol dependence

    The ancient saying “an excess of everything leads to misery” could not be more true than in the case of alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol in the body will have a serious impact on every part of the body and affects your overall well-being. When the body consumes more alcohol than it can metabolize, the …

  • viagra

    Know everything about Sildenafil – The active ingredient of Viagra

    The little blue pill (Viagra) has taken the world by storm, and its debut has enriched men’s sexual life across the world. Despite its potency, this tablet was highly pricey and out of reach for many people. Whereas the arrival of generic viagra (Sildenafil) altered everything and enabled millions of men to enjoy a spectacular …

  • soranib 200 mg

    Taking Soranib (Sorafenib) to treat primary kidney cancer and advanced primary liver cancer

    A gut-wrenching agony is experienced when you are diagnosed with cancer or if you are currently undergoing treatment for the same. Both physical and emotional changes are likely to occur, affecting how you feel and how you live. Although these changes may have an impact on daily life, there are methods to manage and cope …

  • Admenta 5 mg

    Admenta 5: A potent and cost effective medication for treating Alzheimer’s

    We all want to age gracefully, like fine wine, but for the most part, certain diseases will impact us as we become older. One such disease which can affect both the young (30’s to 40’s) and the old is Alzheimer’s disease, which is a brain illness that gradually deteriorates memory and thinking abilities, as well …

  • Amlopres25 1

    Amlopres 2.5 (Amlodipine): A Comprehensive Overview

    The “silent killer” is a well-suited moniker for hypertension, which affects an estimated 972 million people worldwide. The figures are startling, and they are on the rise, with a staggering 29 percent increase predicted by 2025. Despite the fact that hypertension is simple to detect and diagnose with low-cost medications such as Amlopres 2.5 (Amlodipine), …

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