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About Ladygra 100mg Tablet For Women

Ladygra 100mg Tablet is a female medication for treating sexual dysfunction problem. It’s is a prescribed medicine for women that lets them arrive easily to climax. The sexual dysfunction is a sexual condition in women were a supply of blood flow is poor functioning in the reproductive organ. Therefore, women with such conditions are advised to consume female Viagra which is a most effective treatment and helps in arising to climax during the sexual act. Ladygra 100 mg tablet is the best solution.

Ladygra Tablet Uses

Ladygra tablet is a generic medicine which helps re-introduce and re-ignites problem and boost your sexual life all over again giving it a spark. There are several reasons why should women face this problem. Some of the major causes in women libido is social, economic, home, work, psychological pressure. These factors can ignite the condition at an early age in women. Due to all the above reasons solely on intercourse becomes challenging for women’s during a sexual act. At times, with aging women urge for having sex reduces, thus develops lack of libido and incapability to have pleasurable sexual. Then there is no better solution than sildenafil for women.

Ladygra 100mg Tablet Dosage

The pill helps in improving bad libido problem but increasing blood circulation around the reproductive area. Ladygra dose as per recommended is by a doctor should be 100 mg which needs to be taken orally.

Ladygra 100mg Side-effect

It is a synthetic medicine, thus, there are few limitations that need to be taken care off though there are many limitations and contradiction that remains to the medicine who suffer through sexual dysfunctions.

  • Women suffering from kidney disorder or chronic liver disease should be aware of taking drugs.
  • Women with cardiovascular illness and neurological illness should consult a doctor before taking tablets.
  • Some women can experience allergies from Sildenafil Citrate based medication. Consult with your doctor for recommendations.
  • There are not any major Ladygra 100mg tablets side effects. However, it may react with nitrates. Antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal drugs may also react with this. It has also seen that high blood pressure drug may reduce the efficiency of this female impotent drug.

Ladygra 100mg Tablets precautions

With lots of benefits of Ladygra 100mg tablets, at some point precautions have to be mentioned which women need to consider. Here are them:

  • Do not indulge in any heavy activity as the medication causes dizziness otherwise you can cause accident.
  • Do not overdose Ladygra drugs in case of an underlying condition.
  • Do not consume more than one dose in 24 hours or as prescribed by your doctor.
  • The ladygra tablet is not made for personal pleasure so use it likewise.
  • The medicine is strictly made for improving female sexual dysfunction. Keep out of reach from children.



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