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Wide Pharmacy provides generic cost-effective versions of popular branded medicines for the USA, UK, Australia, and other global markets.
Quality is the cornerstone of Wide Pharmacy. All of our products are manufactured by well-known firms such as Ajanta Pharma, Natco, and Cipla, and other FDA-approved generic medication manufacturers.

At Wide Pharmacy, our goal is to make alternative medicines accessible, affordable and discreet in the USA, UK, Australia, and other global markets.

We set out on our journey in 2018, to bring the alternative medicines option to millions by providing access to quality generic equivalents at affordable prices. To do this, we have adopted a cost-effective marketing and order fulfillment approach, so that we are able to provide great prices for the same alternative medicines, and still deliver them directly to your doorstep.

Additionally, we understand that discretion is a core value for many of our customers, and this too is part of our approach to a fulling customer experience. We take care to ship our products so that no one can look at the outside of the order and determine the contents. Our discreet shipping hides any idea of what the products inside could be, removing information that could quickly identify the sender. And we typically ship within 2 days of receiving the order and payment.

We continue to expand our rich and extensive medical content and are working hard with manufacturers and suppliers to bring new alternative medicine closer to you.

Why go all the way to the medicine store and wait in line, when you have Wide Pharmacy at your service. Our small and nimble team is on standby for each and every order, ensuring you receive a response within the first 24 hrs after your email or phone call.

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