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When we go to the pharmacy and ask for a specific drug, we are offered a different drug as a substitute if the one we requested isn’t available. But what are these drugs? Are they reliable? Why are they produced in the first place? Let’s find out!

Generic Medicines 

Generic drugs are replicated drugs of those that are brand-named. But these drugs have the same amount of dosage as those of the original ones. In other words, they are the same as brand-name medicines. These are the medicines that we are often given at medical stores as a substitute. Many people are often concerned about these medicines as they are available at lower prices. But they have the same effect as the original ones and shouldn’t be a concern. 

The FDA makes it mandatory for these medicines to look different (in terms of color) from their parent drug. 

Generic medicine names are often represented as small letters and start with small letters. Generic drugs are cheaper only because the seller of these drugs doesn’t have the right resources to produce them. But apart from that, everything else about these drugs tallies with the brand-named ones. A drug is tested multiple times depending on its efficiency and safety. The medicine then gets approved by authorities for releasing it in the market. Generic drugs work as fast and as efficiently as those of the brand-name ones. 

Benefits of generic medicines

  • Low cost: Generic drugs are about 30-80 percent cheaper than brand-name drugs. Sometimes they are even 85 percent cheaper. Most people buy these medicines for this very reason. 
  • Bioequivalent: Generic drugs deliver the same level of active ingredients to the body as those of brand-name ones. They are only approved when they’re equivalent to their parent drug. 
  • FDA approved:  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict guidelines that must be considered before releasing a generic drug into the market. The generic drug must provide the same effects on human bodies as those of the brand-name ones. 
  • Tally: According to research, these medicines tally with those of the brand-name ones. 
  • Availability: These medicines are available easily in the market. According to research, there are over 12,000 generic drugs available. 
  • Easy manufacture: Generic drugs can be manufactured at low costs and spend less money for Research and Development compared to brand-name ones.
  • Affordability: Generic medicines can be afforded by anybody, especially those from financially weaker backgrounds. 

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