Nothing scares a man like the fatality of impotence or erectile dysfunction. The fear of failing at the crucial moment hangs over our heads like a sword, from the first to the last sexual intercourse we will have in life. It’s a very sensitive topic about which men feel embarrassed and ashamed of talking. But in their personal life, it can make them suffer a lot if any effective medication or treatment is not taken in time.

Erectile Dysfunction

It is an inability to maintain an erection sufficient enough for complete sexual intercourse. This concept is wide and can occur due to a difficulty or failure in the functioning of one or more structures involved. 

Cause of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has more than one type and, therefore, several physical and psychological causes. Cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, hormonal problems, surgeries, or the use of certain medications or substances may be behind the problem. In addition, anxiety and fear of failure as well. In this case, psychological factors have a physical consequence: spikes in adrenaline lead to the contraction of the structures that should be relaxed for the valve that keeps the erection to work.

Is it possible to prevent erectile dysfunction? 

The risk of erectile dysfunction can be reduced by improving your lifestyle. Adequate nutrition and regular physical activity can guarantee good sexual health, in addition to protecting the heart, since erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease go together.

Blue Pills

For most men who have trouble keeping an erection firm enough to have sex (erectile dysfunction), Blue Pills Online are oral medications that reverse erectile dysfunction by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, a natural chemical our body produces that relaxes the muscles. It increases blood flow and allows an erection to be achieved. Thus, in return offers sexual satisfaction and orgasm.

It is recommended to take the Blue Pills 1 hour before the sexual intercourse to have desired effects. Studies have suggested that the effects could start even earlier. Within twelve minutes of ingesting some men manage to have an erection. It may vary from person to person according to his body response.

Benefits of Blue Pills

  1. Penile Erection
  2. Sexual Arousement
  3. Ability to have sexual intercourse
  4. Self-confidence
  5. Satisfaction

Who cannot take Blue Pills?

Blue Pills Online are recommended only for men over 18 who have impotence, that is, people who cannot have or maintain an erection. Also, for people who are suffering from the following:

  • Seriously ill patients of the heart or liver
  • Patients who have suffered a stroke recently
  •  Men with low blood pressure
  • People with retinitis pigmentosa disease
  • People who take medications with any form of nitric oxide, organic nitrates, or organic nitrites.

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