A Guide To Understanding Generic Drugs

The doctor, while writing your prescription, might ask if you prefer the alternative option of generic drugs. Now you might be confused by the difference between generic or branded drugs. You may question if the generic drugs are safe? Ease your worries and learn the difference between branded and generic drugs and clear whatever doubts you might have regarding their use.

What are branded drugs?

Branded drugs are medications that are patented under a brand name given by their manufacturer. Certain top gun companies invest a lot of time, money, and labor with a terrific amount of research to find and develop medications that are effective and safe for particular health problems. To protect the sponsor’s investment, these medications are put under patent to protect its exclusive rights.

What are generic drugs?

After the expiration of the patent of a drug, other manufacturers are allowed to produce the generic version of drugs but only after approval of the FDA. The generic drug has the same active agents as the patent drug. For instance, you must have heard of metformin. Metformin is the generic alternative of the branded drug Glucophage, used for diabetes.

Are generic drugs effective?

The term generic might give a vibe that the drug is a “knock off” of the original drug and is less effective. Pay no heeds to such thoughts; they couldn’t be more wrong. Generic medicines have the same active agents as that of original drugs. The alternative ensures the same quality, dosage, strength, and administration. They give the same results and have the same effects as branded drugs.

Are generic drugs safe?

Generic drugs typically cost 80% less than the branded version. This drastic price drop ensues doubts in the minds of people, forcing them to question and wonder if the quality and safety of the drug was compromised. The price drop is mostly because the generic manufacturer does not have to invest in the research and development and marketing and promotion of the drugs.

Generic drugs are heavily regulated, rigorously tested, and reviewed before being allowed into the market. They are tested by FDA to ensure they offer the same benefits as the original drug. FDA also inspects and regulates the manufacturing plant and monitors the drug flow in the market.

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