4 Ways To Take Control Of Your Pleasure

Are you embarrassed and frustrated? Is your partner disappointed? Premature ejaculations can be devastating in many ways. Up to 30% of men go through the mortification of premature ejaculations. It can be lifelong or acquired, and many times it occurs on a situational basis, or it can be due to erectile dysfunction.

After conducting a study of 1500 men, it was reported by The Journal of Sexual Medicine that the average time of ejaculation of a premature ejaculator after penetration was 1.8 minutes. At the same time, a non-premature ejaculator takes 7.3 minutes on average to finish off. In a report of another study of 500 hundred couples from 5 different countries, it was noticed that the results vary, ranging from 33 seconds to 44 minutes, 5.4 minutes being the average.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculations can be psychological or biological. It can be due to over-sensitive genital skin, hyperactive reflexes, or it can be because of extreme arousal or infrequent sexual activity. Causes range from genetics, emotional turmoil of fear or guilt to inflammation and infection of the prostate urethra. Performance anxiety or substance abuse can also lead to premature ejaculations.

Ways to overcome premature ejaculations

Divert your thoughts

Think about something other than ejaculating. Concentrate and avert your mind towards topics like games, office, etc. You can also try counting numbers in your head. Although these thoughts might diminish the pleasure of sexual intimacy altogether, non-erotic mental diversionary tactics can prevent premature ejaculations.

Slow down

Decrease the tempo, be mindful and slow down the pace of pelvic thrusting when nearing ejaculation. Try changing the angle and depth of penetration. This might delay the feeling of impending ejaculation, allowing you to last longer.

Decrease the sensitivity

You can try using thick condoms to decrease the sensitivity of the genital skin. There are local anesthetics available in the market in the form of creams and gels that can help decrease the sensitivity. One can also try masturbating before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Medical treatment

While many might prefer the above techniques, medical intervention can do you no wrong. Tadapox is a powerful treatment for men suffering from premature ejaculations. You can buy Tadapox tablets online from stores like Wide Pharmacy.

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